Your producer and the editorial team are irreconcilably opposed and filming is imminent?
  • I ensure clear communication with a positive angle between the channel and the production team. This approach eliminates misunderstandings.
  • I communicate the necessary requirements in terms of content and dramatic structure and ensure that the acceptance of your end product runs smoothly.
  • I develop concepts and tools that support your decision-making process – always in close cooperation with you – and misunderstandings don’t  even evolve.
  • I coach your producer.
The channel requests a cut in your production costs, but you don’t know where and how to implement these cuts?
  • I check the flow of your production and show you how to optimise themes, realisation and organisation of your production without compromising your production value.
  • I talk to your staff and allocate tasks to facilitate more efficient and seamless teamwork.
  • I adjust the film script to the available film production technology.
  • I develop new dramatic concepts and structures (for series) – with positive impacts on the development of your script.
Too many parties were involved and voiced an opinion and you have now lost the linear narrative of your script?
  • I read the latest version of your script and provide in-depth feedback about the dramatic structure.
  • I ask targeted questions that enable your to find your way back to your characters and your story.
  • I am your partner in your writing process and make sure that your approach remains consistent.
The channel asks you to relaunch your series?
  • I define the relaunch criteria together with you – and if required also together with the channel – and support your implementation of these criteria.
  • I develop new and innovative narrative perspectives for you and realise them with the set parameters.
  • I advise and counsel screenwriters and directors during the script development process, guide them through changes in the dramatic structure and make sure that these changes are implemented consistently.
  • I establish contacts with new screenwriters and directors, if that turns out to be necessary
  • I create a new bible for your series.
You have shot a lot of material and have now lost track?

I look through your entire material together with you and ask guiding questions that will lead you back to your story. If required, I develop new ideas for your story, based on the material that has already been produced.

Your producer is abandoning you and you need a replacement at short notice?

I stand in and represent your brand and your product as your interim producer.

You have a dispute over your fees with your client and are looking for a solution that settles the matter out of court?

I act as a mediator between you and your client to identify a fair solution.

The production costs have overrun and threaten the continuation of your production company?
  • I explore the situation to get an overview and present you with a number of possible solutions.
  • I advise and inform you about the necessary steps to be taken if insolvency looms.
  • I accompany you during an insolvency procedure – with the aim to find a way to secure the continued existence of your company.
You want to settle conflicts among your staff or with the channel?

I act as a mediator between the conflicting parties and explore and develop satisfactory win-win solutions in cooperation with you.

So far, you have made feature films and would now like to start producing TV series?

I enable you to create optimum structures and parameters for this purpose.

You do not have an overview of the different subsidies or other funding opportunities for your projects?
  • I can give you an overview of a variety of film subsidies.
  • I provide you with valuable information and substantive advice about different financing options to fund your project in the best possible way.
You are looking for professional advice for the development of your story?

I advise on the dramatic structure of your film and guide you through the individual script development phases.

You would like to redefine your media production or adjust it to new market requirements?

I develop new approaches and structures in close cooperation with you.

The channel wants to turn your feature film into a two-parter or a TV series?

I highlight what you need to consider in this context.

There’s a solution for every problem. Just call me!

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Michaela von Unger